A business sector inspired by the next level of organisational consciousness, guided by the knowledge and wisdom of our First Entrepreneurs

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Together Business was founded in 2019, envisioning a sustainable future where organisations honour Purpose, People, Planet and Profit as their BAU (Business As Usual).

The major catalyst for the creation of Together Business came from founder Sarah Hyland's search for a genuine and values aligned workplace after the birth of her first child. "Having a child made my priorities very clear. If I was going to go back to work, I wanted it to be for a company that I believed in,  and in a role that both challenged me and allowed me to be my authentic self." 

Without any luck on the search, Together Business was born.

Together Business is just as much a way of working as it is a name. The desire for human connection is at the core of humanity and in the busy world we live in today, we see a need to bring this front and centre as the role of a business advisor constantly evolves and we become more of a business partner than a 'traditional accountant' to our clients.



Founder, Principal Accountant

From a young age, Sarah knew there was something powerful to be said for using business in a social context, for the betterment of our communities and for humanity. As an Anaiwan Aboriginal woman from Uralla in North West NSW, Sarah is grounded in family and the communities around her and now calls beautiful Larrakia country in Darwin her home.

Professionally, Sarah offers a robust skillset in financial management, strategy, impact frameworks, tax compliance, and relationship management. As a Chartered Accountant passionate about disrupting ‘the way we have always done things,’ Sarah brings a unique lens to each client relationship, seeking out innovative thinking and opportunities, while at the same time contributing a rigorous lens of feasibility and sustainability.


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