We Believe in Showing, Not Telling

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Alexie Seller, CEO Enterprise Learning Projects

I found Together Business Australia at a crucial time. We had spun out a business that was a year behind on its tax returns and needed some investigative accounting and a clean up! 

Sarah went above and beyond in a way I've never before experienced from a tax and compliance consultant. She took the time to understand what had happened, both in the business and in the accounts, and then set out a clear plan for how we could resolve the problem.

Not only was she unafraid to dive into the details, she proved to be thorough and even identified ways that we could improve our systems to be better prepared for next year. 

Together Business Australia is so much more than a consultant, they work with you holistically to get the best outcome for your business. I truly felt like I was working with a partner who answered all my questions (no matter how uninformed!) and ensured that I understood everything that was happening. I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah and her team!