We Believe in Showing, Not Telling


Bec Barnett, Relative Creative Co-Director

Sarah is professional, personable and knows her stuff! She has been a brilliant asset to our small business and has helped fine tune the financial management aspects of our business in a way that I understand and can maintain. Cannot recommend her highly enough.

"One of the things that I found really hard about trying to set up our accounting systems so that everything, including expenses, payroll and super was set up and flowing properly was that I was wasting a lot of time trying to find the right information online. Even when I did find the right information, the action points weren't necessarily included, so I found myself going round and round in circles.

It was knowing that you could answer those questions for me that helped the most.

I had always been hesitant to go to our previous accountant to ask those kinds of questions because it always seemed really obscure how much it was going to cost to ask them. With you it was easy to understand your hourly rate and the time you thought it would take to figure it out for me. it made a lot more sense to pay you rather than spend over 5 hours going around in circles by myself on the internet to find the answer, not getting there, and also missing other key things that you have been able to suggest and help us with."

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